If you’re ever in The Silver State, make sure you hit these places up to experience an authentic Nevada witchcraft, magic and ghostly encounter:

  • The Mizpah Hotel

Tonopath, a town near Las Vegas, is a place made famous by legendary world heavyweight boxer Jack Dempsey’s for his initial bare-knuckle bouts. It’s also the place where supporters of United States senator from Nevada (1913 to 1940), Key Pittman, kept his body on ice until the election of his successor, when the Senator died suddenly of heart failure on the eve of the 1940 election.  But the reason the town got on the Nevada witchcraft and spooky places list spans beyond that!

Mizpah Hotel

The Mizpah Hotel, built in 1907, is famous for its paranormal activity and psychic energy that emanates from inside its four walls. A psychic visiting the hotel confirmed that a lady-of-the-night, Rose, would frequent the establishment and was popular among the visitors in the 1900s. A gambler, jilted by her advances towards others, finally murdered her in a fit of jealous rage.  It’s said that Rose frequently haunts the guest rooms – sometimes leaving behind a single pearl as her calling card.

Visitors have reported other mysterious sightings, that of a phantom figure gliding along the corridor where Rose was killed, and items moving around mysteriously. The famous haunted hotel was featured in season 5, episode 2 of Ghost Adventures, showing a decommissioned elevators’ doors opening and shutting mysteriously.  

  • Goldfield Hotel

Back in the 1900s, Goldfield was an extremely prosperous gold mining town. Built in 1908, the four-story Goldfield Hotel was one of the first in the region to have electric-powered light fixtures, telephone services, steam heated rooms and running water, and attracted only the most affluent guests. Historical accounts say that owner George Wingfield poured an ocean of champagne to mark inauguration day of his pride and joy. But Wingfield held a dark secret – one that out the hotel on the Nevada witchcraft and spooky places list.

Goldfield Hotel

As the story goes, Wingfield had a secret mistress, Elizabeth, who, unknown to her lover, got pregnant with his child. Given Wingfield’s standing in the Goldfield community, the hotelier didn’t want the fact of him fathering an illegitimate child known. So, he chained Elizabeth to the radiator in one of his hotel rooms – Room 109, feeding and nourishing her until childbirth. 

Upon giving birth to her baby, the fate of Elizabeth is unknown, but it is said that the cruel hotel owner then disposed off the child by throwing the body down a mineshaft! Visitors to the hotel report hearing and seeing strange things, including the sighting of ghostly figures and wailings and moaning’s. Some believe that it’s just Elizabeth moving through the rooms, one by one, looking for her missing baby child.

The crew of Fox Family TV, which filmed the hotel for its paranormal activity, reported intense cold spots and random and unexplainable malfunctioning of equipment.  

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