The Granite State is home to majestic hills, hidden valleys and towering mountain tops. But it also harbors many sinister secrets. These destinations are a must-see on any New Hampshire witchcraft, ghosts and spooky places tour:

  • Madame Sherri’s Castle Ruins (West Chesterfield, New Hampshire)

In days gone by, New Hampshire was home to many celebrities and socialites that dined and entertained the gentry in their mansions and castles. One must-include destination on any New Hampshire witchcraft, ghost and spooky places trip is the ruins of Madam Sherris castle. But the ruins of the once formidable structure hide a haunting secret. Built in the early 1900s, and buried deep in a forest in West Chesterfield, New Hampshire, this magnificent chateau served as the summer home of fashion designer of fame Antionette De Lilas, also known as Madame Sherri. 

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The castle burned down mysteriously in 1962, but leaving some amazing remnants behind, including a few stone arches, the outline if its basement, a few foundation pillars, and a spooky spiral staircase abruptly comes to an end.  Because of how the staircase is laid out, it has earned the nickname of the “Stairway to Heaven”.

Visitors to these haunting ruins claim to hear waltz music and the sounds of faint laughter, as if the socialite Madame is still entertaining there. Some claim to have seen a pale figure resembling Madam Sherris ascending or descending the staircase. 

  • Mt. Chocorua (White Mountains, New Hampshire)

Speaking of spine-chilling experiences, one of the destinations to add to your New Hampshire witchcraft, ghost and spooky places to visit is Mt. Chocorua in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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As legend goes, an Native American Indian Chief Chocorua decided to stand his ground during the conflict with white settlers, choosing instead to fight and defend the sacred mountain lands. When called to attend a powwow with other chiefs, he left his young son, Tuamba, in the care of a white family he had befriended, that of Cornelius Campbell. Sadly, while in their care, the child wandered and injected some poison meant to kill wolves.

Upon his return, and learning of his son’s death, the Chief killed Campbell’s entire family – save for Cornelius himself, who was away at the time. When Cornelius returned, he swore vengeance on the Chief, who is said to have fled to the highest peak knowing he’d surely die. Lifting his arms to the skies, he shouted a curse before leaping to his death:

“Evil spirits breathe death upon the cattle of the white man! Wind and fire destroy your dwellings! Panthers and wolves howl and grow fat on your bones. Chocorua goes now to the Great Spirit!”

A few years later, Cornelius was found dead – his body partially devoured by wolves. Hikers, to this day, report hearing moanfull cries echoing through the peaks of Mt. Chororua. Some have even told of seeing a young Indian boy laughing and playing as he darts through the mountain trails.


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