New Mexico is no stranger to the strange, spooky and magical. Here are three destinations to add to your list of New Mexico witchcraft and spooky experiences:

  • KiMo Theater

The KiMo Theatre used to be a place of serenity, fun and playful entertainment – until 1951. That’s when tragedy struck during a performance. A malfunction caused a water heater to explode, taking the lives of several spectators and staff. Among the dead was a young 6-year old boy named Bobby. Bobby’s death put the KiMo onto the New Mexico witchcraft and spooky places list.

New Mexico witchcraft

Bobby is what’s known in witching and haunting circles as a poltergeist, which is “friendly” ghost more than a “scary” one. Still, his appearances on and off the stage are reported to both amuse and scare witnesses who have seen him.  In fact, so powerful is the belief that Bobby is the “real deal”, that performers and stagehands typically leave little treats – sugar candy, doughnuts and other sweets – before curtains-up. They do that to appease Bobby’s soul in the hope of winning his trust and affection so he won’t interfere during the performance.

  • The Lodge Resort & Spa

It’s typically said that star-crossed lovers make for intense ghosts when they part suddenly. The bewitching tale of Rebecca, at the Lodge Resort and Spa, is a tale that ranks high up there on anyone’s list of New Mexico witchcraft and spooky places.

The Lodge Resort and Spa

Built to originally serve as an Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway stopover station, the Lodge mysteriously burned down sometime in the early 1900s. However, at the height of its popularity, the Lodge harbored a dark secret that has now reportedly come back to haunt visitors to the place.

Rebecca was a strikingly beautiful redhaired woman who was employed as a chambermaid at the stopover station. She was the love-interest of an envious lumberjack. One day, when the lumberjack caught Rebecca in the arms of another man, it is rumored that he killed her in a fit of jealous rage. His lover’s soul is reported to have never been set to rest since her untimely death.

Visitors to the lodge report hearing furniture move around mysteriously. There have been reports of lights flicking on and off unattended. Fireplaces are said to ignite on their own, and a ghostly redhead figure in Victorian dress is said to be seen wandering the premises. Rebecca’s friendly nature leads some in the know to say that her soul is in search of another love interest that shares her passion for life.

  • Blue Eagle Book & Metaphysical Center: Albuquerque

Since its establishment in 1985, Blue Eagle Book & Metaphysical Center is entrenched as a must-see destination on the New Mexico witchcraft, ghosts and goblins trail.  If you are interested in the mystical and paranormal, then the Center is where you’ll find all your spooky thrills. For one, you’ll find its shelves stocked full with books – old and new titles – on subjects as diverse as UFOs, Shamanism, Feng Shui and angels. You’ll also find books on witches’ secret spells for recovery and healing.

New Mexico spooky places

Don’t let the ambiance of the store fool you. It is a bright and welcoming spot, but its roots run deep in everything to do with witchcraft, magic spells and spiritual and metaphysical realms. If you have a deep interest in spooky stuff, then you’ll love the well-stocked supplies that Center carries, including healing oils, jewelry, crystals, candles, pendulums, fountains and incense.  

The power of healing energy permeates all over the store, with rich aroma and serene atmosphere. You’ll even get an amazing reading from a practicing spiritualist. Plenty of powerful energy and positive vibes to go around!

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