When planning a North Carolina witchcraft, ghosts and spooky places visit, don’t forget to add these destinations to your list:

  • The Devil’s Tramping Ground (Chatham County)

Around 10-miles south of Siler City on State Road 1100 in southern Chatham County, just in the proximity of the woods near Harper’s Crossroads, you’ll encounter one of the most haunted and spellbinding places in the Old North State.  As you move closer to take a look, you’ll see a mysterious sight. In the center is a charred mound comprising of a perfectly symmetrical, round circle – no greenery, no vegetation, no flowers – just scorched dry grass. 

At first blush, a sight like that would definitely draw curiosity – maybe even be cause of a second and more closer look. But that’s not the reason this place makes our list of North Carolina witchcraft and spooky places to see.

North Carolina witchcraft

Strange things happen here. People have tried planting in the circle, but everything that’s grown in the circle dies soon, or just never sprouts. Any objects left in the center of the circle by dusk, is violently pushed outside the circle come dawn. But, there’s more!

On a dare, many brave young men who pushed their luck and decided to sit the night out in the circle have failed. Most of them run scared in short order and leave. Some have even lost their sanity in the process. It’s said this is the place the Devil tramps all night long – round, and around the circle – as he plots and schemes for ways to steal more souls.

  • Lydia’s Bridge (on US-70 A or High Point Road, just south of Jamestown)

If you’re looking for spooky places to visit, then an overgrown underpass near Jamestown in CC is where you’ll find it. It’s called Lydia’s Bridge, and the story behind that bridge is what puts it on our list of North Carolina witchcraft and spooky places to visit.

North Carolina spooky places

As the story goes, that’s where many lone drivers have encountered the ghost of Lydia, a lonely hitchhiker dressed in a white evening dress. What makes this a spooky story is that the young lady engages with the drivers and asks to be dropped off to a nearby address she gives them. The ghostly apparition gets into the back of the car and then stops engaging with the driver until they arrive at the destination.

When the driver turns around to let the young lady out, she’s missing – gone, vanished! 

An inquiry at the home she had wanted to go to reveals an even spookier twist. The inhabitants reveal that the young lady is named Lydia. She was killed in a car wreck in 1923, just near the underpass. Since then, she’s been regularly trying to flag drivers down by the underpass – where she lost her soul – in a hope of trying to get back home!   

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