Hauntings, spells and ghosts are common in the southwest, and the Oklahoma witchcraft and ghostly legends live on in these places:

  • Earth & Soul

The Oklahoma witchcraft scene wouldn’t be complete without a visit to spooky new age store Earth & Soul. If it’s self-empowerment, spiritual growth and other magical and metaphysical supplies that you’re after, then this is a must visit place in your discovery of spooky places in Oklahoma. Clearly, witches and witchcraft aren’t for everyone. Yet here, at E & S, everyone who enters feels the power of something magical emanating from every corner of the shop.

Spooky places in Oklahoma

It doesn’t matter if you are new to magic, or if you are a witchcraft guru, this place transports you to the spooky dark ages when magic happened in back alleys and dungeons. Today, thankfully, you’re free to explore the store without fear. Everything you need for your spiritual journey is right there – from candles, essential oils and herbs, to crystals, tarot cards and books. Shop there or just pop-in and relax and transport yourself into a world of magic!

  • Timber Ridge Cemetery: Catoosa

If witches, goblins and ghosts are your thing, then one must visit place on the Oklahoma witchcraft and spooky places list is Timber Ridge Cemetery in Catoosa. Why does it conjure up thoughts of the dark side, where no one wishes to go alone? Well, it’s a fascinating, yet blood chilling tale that compelled locals of the area to dub the place “Haunted Hollow”.

As the legend goes, one dark day in 1989, a young Native American boy was out riding his bike in the vicinity. Tragedy struck, and his promising life was ruthlessly cut short by a careless driver behind the wheels of a car. The young boy’s actions still haunt the place today, making it a must visit on the list of spooky places in Oklahoma. 

Timber Ridge Cemetery

Drivers, passing through the cemetery road report hitting something, but upon stepping out their car to inspect what it was they hit – the find something that sends chills down their spine – a bloody hand print on the bonnet of their cars! Others, visitors and passers-by, report seeing a young Native American boy and his bicycle along the road. It’s fairly common for some visitors to see orbs hovering over the graves, and many report having nosebleeds during their visits.

  • Oklahoma State University: Stillwater

The Spunky Cauldron, in Edmond OK, is yet another place to get your Oklahoma witchcraft experiences realized. From herbs and incenses, to smoke cleansings, tarot card readings and oracles telling your fortune – you’ll find it all here. Up until now, you could even experience the power of witchcraft for yourself by attending the establishments’ events and classes. With the COVID crisis, these classes are now being revamped to deliver the same bewitching experience.

Oklahoma witchcraft

But if spooky places are where your minds at, then the Oklahoma state University in Stillwater is where you want to go. Legend has it that a woman committed suicide by hanging herself on the premises. You’ll find no spells and hexes on the campus, but the ghost of the tormented young woman and several others that passed there too. 

Doors lock mysteriously. Lights switch on by themselves. And some days, visitors see mysterious glows and shadows of figures walking about the campus. 

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