If it’s a genuine Rhode Island witchcraft, vampire, ghost and goblin hunt you’re on, then consider visiting these sites:

  • A Hunt for Witches at the Baptist Church in Exeter

Back in the 19th century, there was an outbreak of the dreadful disease called Consumption (a.k.a Tuberculosis or TB) across Rhode Island. Because of the hideous consequences of the disease, and its high mortality rate, it was called the New England vampire panic.

Rhode Island witchcraft Hunt for Witches
SOURCE: Josh McGinn (Flickr)

The Brown family of Exeter was particularly impacted, with Mary Brown (mother), Mary Olive (eldest daughter), Edwin (son) dying of TB in quick succession between 1883 and 1890. Mercy Brown (younger daughter) also lost her life to TB in January of 1892. 

The locals feared the Brown family were possessed by vampires, and to prove it they decided to dig-up the graves and inspect the corpses. Prevailing thought was that vampire’s bodies never decompose. Upon digging the graves, only Mercy’s body was intact, and they found fresh blood in her heart. 

Mercy’s body now rests behind the Baptist Church in Exeter in Chestnut Hill Cemetery. Legend has it that she still lurks around after all these centuries.

  • A Hunt for Witches at the intersection of Log Road and Mann School Road (Smithfield, RI)

If it’s a spooky, bewitching experience you’re after, then your Rhode Island witchcraft trip must include a visit to where once The Witch Tree stood (or grew!). The intersection of Log Road and Mann School Road in Smithfield, Rhode Island, is where the legend emanates from.

Mann School Road in Smithfield rhode island witchcraft
SOURCE: TheParanormalGuide.Com

The tree stood smack dab in the midst of the intersection, and was the cause for many an accident – some fatal in nature. The creepy shape of the tree, it’s unexpected location, and its proximity to the home of a well-known real-life witch, contributed to its name.   

Visitors to the haunted home of the witch, now just a burned down shell, who drove past the tree at night claimed to have seen children sitting at the base of the tree in the glare of their headlights. As they got closer, the children vanished. Distracted drivers often crashed their vehicles as the tree suddenly appeared in their headlights. There’s also folklore of a lonely biker that follows cars and pulls up alongside them – and then vanishes!

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The Witches of the Veiled Crow

SOURCE: The VeiledCrow.Com

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