If you know where to look, the Lone Star state has its share of magic and witchcraft experiences to offer. Be sure to add these destinations to any Texas witchcraft, ghosts and goblins tour:

For over 30-years now, this quaint Pagan and Witchcraft outlet has been providing visitors, tourists and witchcraft practitioners a range of supplies and unforgettable experiences. As a result, it makes it to our list of Texas witchcraft and spooky places to visit.

Are you looking for custom incense, unusual and rare herbs, talismans, skull-shaped candles? Or perhaps your interests lay in the darker arts of witchcraft? Maybe you’re looking for Tarot Cards, rune sets, alter pentacles, crystals and wands? Well, regardless of what your spooky inclinations are, you’ll find them here – even cauldrons!

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The Magick Cauldron boasts of one of the best stocked shelves – over 20,000 individual products – and the most unique collection of Pagan and witchcraft-related books. But that’s not all they have to offer. Their collection of “oddities and stuff” will take your breath away, and is just one reason to make it well worth a visit.

You can find a large handmade grand grimoire, made by a master craftsman. What’s so special about it? Well, most of the techniques used to make it are from knowledge passed down from hundreds of years ago – when Paganism and witchcraft were in ascendency. There’s even a Vintage 1800’s Vampire Hunting Kit for anyone so inclined. 

Neither of that interests you? Well, why not stop by and learn some Egyptian Magick? The Magick Cauldron hosts classes to teach the lost art of magic. Registration required, with classes scheduled for the spring.

A traditional brick and mortar storefront, The Witchery is housed in the old “Central Drug Store” building on infamous Post Office Street. The owners, Clyde and Kimberley Wood, have a simple mission: “To provide the resources people need in their search for self-discovery, self-empowerment and spiritual enlightenment.” And that’s why this enchanting store makes it on our list of Texas witchcraft and magical places to visit. 

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Once you enter, you’ll instantly be transformed into a magical place – where everything about witchcraft reveals itself to you. What to cast unique spells? Well, there’re paperback titles that’ll teach you ho to do that? Interested in learning how to decipher Tarot cards – well, you’ll find insightful books that help you master that aspect of mysticism too. You’ll have access to a vast emporium of texts on all-things enchanting.

And if, while on your journey of discovery of everything spooky and magical, you find your soul burdened with life’s unanswered questions. Or, if there’s a haunting secret deep within your soul, which you feel you need interpreted and unlocked, then The Witchery is where you’ll find the spiritual and psychic guidance to do just that. Compassionate, ethical and gifted Psychics are on hand to provide you readings that’ll give meaning to the rest of your life.

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