Do you want to experience some spine-tingling moments while in the Appalachian region of the Southern United States? Believers in West Virginia witchcraft and ghosts will find these destinations do just that! 

  • Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

A bloody and grim late 1700’s skirmish, between a native Shawnee Indian tribe, and local settler Mitchell Clay ended in the deaths of several Shawnee braves, and the killing of three of Clays’ children. All was forgotten over the years, and the land where the incident took place was converted into an amusement park in the 1920s. And that’s when the serene setting found its way into the list of West Virginia witchcraft and spooky sightings!

Several mysterious deaths have been reported over the decades. And archaeologists have found skeletal remains of Native Americans on the site – presumably belonging to some of the Shawnee braves? And in a bizarre twist, on multiple occasions, visitors have reported seeing the ghost of a man with a little girl dressed in pink.  

Spooky Places West Virginia

A memorial marker has now been placed to mark the spot where Clays’ 3 children fell. But the park itself, now closed to the public, lays covered in overgrown weeds and rusted swings and Ferris wheels. Official paranormal tours, however, are open.

  • Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum       

From the outside, this Gothic stone facility brings back images of its former stately self. But now, it remains in ruin – the ideal image of a haunted structure! Intended to serve as an asylum for the war-tormented in 1858, what was once known as the Weston State Hospital was built to house 250 inmates. However, the turmoil and scarcity brought about by the war saw over 2,400 patients jammed into cramped and deplorable conditions. 

That may be one reason this once stately place find itself in the list of West Virginia witchcraft and scary places.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Now a tourist destination, complete with guided ghost tours, visitors have reported strange happenings in the building. Doors open and slam with no reason, and witnesses have reported seeing shadowy figures walking the deserted corridors and going in and out of the decrepit rooms. There are even accounts of visitors hearing blood-chilling moans and screams coming from the rooms. 

  • West Virginia Penitentiary       

Built in 1875, the infamous West Virginia Penitentiary is no stranger to death, torture and mayhem. It has the reputation of being the most haunted prisons across the USA – so, no wonder then that it has found its due place on the list of West Virginia witchcraft and ghostly sightings!

Over the course of its infamous history, prison staff executed more than 100 prisoners. The deep-seeded animosity between inmates and prison staff were the cause of many riots, unrests and fires, adding untold misery and hardship to an overcrowded prison.

West Virginia Penitentiary

Now a tourist destination, visitors have reported sightings of phantom inmates wandering aimlessly in the prison yard and cell blocks. There are even accounts of one famous inmate, dupped the “hanging man” wandering stealthily around the premises. Visitors can even see “Old Sparky”, the notorious electric chair that brought death and pain to guilty and innocent alike, laying eerily in the yard.    


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