sun water witchcraft

There are many uses for sun water witchcraft. For instance, you can make a water bowl to use for baths. You can also use this water to perform solar energy spells. To make your sun bowl, first fill a glass jar with pure spring water and then cover it with a lid. Set it outside in the sun for about three hours and then take it inside. The water bowl can be used for baths and solar energy spells, and it can also be used as a solar energy anointing.

Making sun water is extremely easy. All you need is a glass jar and some drinking water. The sun’s energy can be used for spells, potions, ritual baths, and much more. Making sun water is easy, and it’s also extremely useful for boosting your energy level. To make sun water, hold the jar outside while chanting an incantation to cleanse it. During the day, the sun’s energy will naturally affect your water, and it can be used in rituals.

When it comes to using sun water in spell work, you should use it with caution. This is because sun water is very potent. Be sure to educate yourself about the sun’s location in the zodiac sign you’re casting a spell under. Knowing the current position of the sun will help you choose the right time to expose the water to the sun. Sun water is also known to help with physical ailments. Functional medicine doctors believe that water charged by the sun has the power to heal cellular damages and is anti-viral.

As mentioned, sun and moon attended witches are similar in many ways, but the main difference is where they draw their power. While some draw their power from the moon, others take it from the sun, or even from elements of nature. Whatever you choose, you’ll need to find the right time for your spellwork and use it accordingly. The sun is considered the most masculine of the two elements. The moon, on the other hand, is associated with femininity. When choosing the time for your spellwork, the sun is the best time to draw energy.

Incorporating a clear glass bowl and a picture of the sun in your water will help you make sun water that’s safe to drink. For the moon, however, you shouldn’t mix it with lunar energy spells because it will interfere with your ultimate goal. Sun water is a great choice for boosting many spells, but make sure you choose a glass bowl that can be placed outdoors for protection. Then, mix it with spring water and a little bit of distilled water.