Tales of the Tarot Witches – Book Review

The first two books of Tales of the Tarot Witches are interesting and intriguing, but the last two books are tedious and redundant. While the characters are hardworking and capable, they are jaded by insecurities. They are also unwilling to let go of control. This makes the story a bit predictable. The book is well worth a read if you like a good fantasy adventure, but it falls flat for me.

tarot witches

In the first installment, Tarot, who is a tarot reader, has met the mysterious Azure and is in love with her. As a child, she was bullied and feared by her friends. In fact, she was even exiled from her home because her father used dark magic. Eventually, she fell in love with Jon, a groundskeeper at an abandoned cemetery who has a mystical ability to summon the dead.

In the second installment, Tarot and Raven’s Mother, a voluptuous woman, has a strong love for her daughters. This woman has a dark side, and her desire to create a safe world for witches has driven her to create an island out of the sea. She has a heart for her daughters and longs for them to live in her paradise. Despite her darker nature, she’s an honorable and fierce mother, and is an important figure in Tarot’s life.

Besides the female tarot witches, there are also dragons and werecats. These mythical creatures are living creatures that exist outside of our physical world. They are the ones who enchant humans and are exiled. In this way, the dragons see exile as a humiliation, while tarot witches view it as a chance to destroy humanity.

In the Tarot Witches, the dragons are a powerful force in the universe. They are very powerful and can cause great harm to humans, and dragons have the power to destroy the world. Nevertheless, they cannot stop thinking about the tarot witches. Aside from the tarot, they’re also surrounded by the elements. The earth and the moon, and even the sky.

The tarot’s magical name comes from the connection psychically to the tarot cards. The witches can see important events, warnings, and connections to people and places. Historically, the tarot was named after the goddess of the sun. The goddess of the east, in fact, is a lycanthrope. The tarot is also the symbol of her mystical power.

The Tarot’s psychic powers come from the witches’ psychic connections to the tarot cards. They can see important events, warn of impending dangers, and connect with loved ones. They are a part of the gods, and as such, their psychic abilities are akin to our own. But are the tarot witches really real? And what are their powers?

Among the Tarot’s witches, there is one who can shuffle the cards. Joanna Beauchamp, a Tarot’s elder sister, is a powerful witch who has a talent for reading Tarot cards. She has also been able to shuffle the decks with her Telekinesis. However, she is not the only person who can read the cards.

Other characters of the Tarot include Lady Freida Harris and Tonya Kay. Both women were born in 1898 and were part of the Golden Dawn. The latter’s tarot witches were based on the work of both sisters. While they are fictional, they are often modeled after real-life individuals. In addition to her twin sister, she also had a daughter named Stephanie Grimassi, a notable pagan scholar. Both of these women are prominent, powerful and incredibly influential individuals.

Licorice have long had a rift with the Tarot. The latter was a Goth, while the former was a cheerleader. She once killed a male vampire with a wooden stake. But now, she and her sister have reconciled their differences and are at peace with each other. They are now a part of the world, and they are a source of both comfort and guidance.

Fergus Hall was the original artist for the Tarot Witches. He is the creator of the “Live and Let Die” deck, which features full-length figures and dreamlike images. The Tarot Witches Tarot has a coven of five members, and is especially good for coven readings. The tarot is a fantastic way to connect with the world and its many energies.