The Green Witch Oracle is a deck of 44 botanical magick cards, including sacred plants and trees. It’s filled with divine messages and can be used for spell casting and power enhancement. Designed to be used in combination with other divination tools, it’s also perfect for gardening or natural healing. Whether you want to plant a garden, tame a garden, or find a new love, this deck will have something for everyone.

green witch oracle

The Green Witch Oracle is a deck of 44 botanical cards that explore the hidden powers and messages of plants. The cards offer advice on how to garden or heal, as well as spells. Each one is uniquely personalized, combining ethnobotanical facts and plant folklore with modern-day gardening advice. Many of the cards align with the doctrine of signatures. This makes them a perfect addition to any herbal medicine practice.

The Green Witch Oracle is available exclusively in North America. In addition to the deck, the book also features an introduction to the magical powers of plants. Aside from revealing the healing properties of herbs and trees, the Green Witch Oracle’s hidden messages reveal a range of useful information and useful spells. The authors have studied ethnobotany for decades and have produced several books and oracle decks on plant folklore.

The Green Witch Oracle is an oracle deck written by Cherilyn Darcey, published by Rockpool Publishing in 2021. The book contains a number of different kinds of magickal plants, as well as their medicinal properties. The cards are filled with tips on gardening and herbs, and you can also use them to cast spells. The meanings of the cards align with the doctrine of signatures, which is a core part of the metaphysical tradition.

The Green Witch Oracle focuses on the healing powers of plants, their magical messages, and the myths and legends attached to them. The cards are filled with information on their healing properties, gardening tips, and herbal spells. The book also teaches about the origins of the names of plants. This is the best book for plant-lovers. It’s a must-have for anyone interested in herbal medicine. It’s also great for anyone interested in the mysterious side of plants.

The Green Witch Oracle is a beautiful, beautifully illustrated deck of herbal medicine. It features the healing power of plant medicines and their mythical meanings. The cards are designed for people who are interested in the magical aspects of plants. Among its benefits is its usefulness for gardeners and eco-artists. The Green Witch Oracle can also be used for spell casting. However, it should not be taken as a replacement for traditional herbal medicine.

The Green Witch Oracle is a beautiful deck of tarot cards. Its meanings are aligned with those of the herbal medicine. It is also great for anyone who is interested in the magical aspects of plants. The author includes a wealth of ethnobotanic and plant-lore information, as well as spells, herbs, and other magical properties of the plants. It is important to note that this deck is only available in North America.

The Green Witch Oracle is an oracle deck with a magical aspect that is worth exploring. Its 44 botanical cards feature messages from plants that are useful for healing, as well as spells. The deck is also available in Spanish and English. If you want to learn about the magical qualities of plants, this deck is the perfect choice for you. You will be amazed at what you can learn from these cards! If you’re interested in plant-lore, this deck will inspire you to create a beautiful garden.

The Green Witch Oracle is the perfect tool for anyone interested in plant-lore and the hidden powers of plants. This deck is made by a botanist and is ideal for those interested in plant-lore. The deck includes a number of botanical cards with spells, herbal remedies, and herbal information. This unique deck is a unique addition to any oracle collection. You’ll find many useful tools in it!