The History of Halloween Costumes

halloween costume

Whether you’re a Halloween enthusiast, or you just enjoy a good scare, there are plenty of costumes out there to fit your personality. While some Halloween costumes are easy to put together in a matter of minutes, there are others that require a little more work.

Costumes have a long history in the United States. From the first trick-or-treat to the current Halloween movies, costumes are a shared American folk ritual. Some are traditional, while others have taken their cues from pop culture.

Trick-or-treat originated in the mid-nineteenth century as a way to ward off ghosts on All Souls’ Day. Children would come to the doorsteps of households and ask for food and candy. The tradition eventually shifted to Halloween night, which was then a church-sanctioned holiday. Children would play tricks and sing in exchange for treats. It later became a more serious celebration, which focused on the dead instead of the living.

During the industrial revolution, commercially produced costumes became more widespread and affordable. By the late twentieth century, costumes were also influenced by pop culture. Many characters from popular movies and television shows were licensed, which expanded the number of costume options.

In the 1930s, Halloween parties in the form of masquerades began to become popular. People rented out salons and hosted elaborate parties at home. The costumes that were worn started out as angel costumes or saint costumes. However, the focus on the dead shifted, and the costumes became more sexy and more revealing.

The 1970s and 1980s saw a rise in horror films, which influenced the costumes that were worn. During this time, adults opted to wear revealing costumes, which displayed more skin than was socially acceptable.

Women began to wear Halloween costumes as an excuse to show off their sexuality. Women’s magazines would often print instructions on how to make costumes. Some people would wear costumes that looked like fringe characters from popular science fiction and horror movies. Others would be a more subtle version of themselves.

Halloween costumes became popular after the poem, “Halloween” by Robert Burns, was published in 1785. People dressed up in costumes to ask for food and candy, and children would perform mimes to try and scare householders.

In the 1940s, trick-or-treating became a more formal Halloween tradition. During this time, people wore costumes to ask for food, and many community organizations would organize Halloween parades and haunted houses. The first Halloween celebration was held in Anoka, Minnesota, in 1921. The costumes that were worn reflected the diverse ethnic heritage of people who settled in the United States.

Several famous costumed characters are still popular today. Bella Hadid wore a Beetlejuice costume for Halloween. Others are the popular villains of Hollywood movies, like Michael Myers. There are also some more obscure characters.

A good costume for fans of Hocus Pocus is the Winifred costume. It features a bright heart-shaped wig. The costume also includes a tassel-lined trim and an adorable little creature on the bottom of the dress.