The literary witches oracle is a powerful tool to help people gain insight into their lives. It uses the wisdom and powers of some of the greatest women writers of the past to offer advice and guidance. The deck features 40 symbol cards, each with a different meaning. The guidebook acts as an interpreter to help readers make sense of the cards. It also includes the history of the various literary witches and their work.

literary witches oracle

The deck is beautifully illustrated and includes ribbon and card inserts. The cover of the book is thick and feels like a hardcover book. The cards themselves have the same quality and texture, but they’re much more subtle. If you’re a reader who likes to use the cards for divination, this deck will be a great choice for you. The deck can be used to guide you on your creative life or spiritual journey.

A great way to learn about different witches is to use the Literary Witches oracle. The deck is made to be beautiful and includes 70 illustrations and a guidebook. Each card is one-of-a-kind, and you’ll want to keep a few for yourself. If you’re interested in divination, you can purchase this deck. This deck has a very strong selection of cards, and it’s worth checking out. It’s a great addition to your library!

The Literary Witches oracle is an enchanting, visually appealing deck. Each card is a woman’s interpretation of a particular situation. The images on the cards are often magical, and the descriptions are based on their own experiences. The corresponding card is usually a male or female witch. It’s important to be aware of this, because it can affect how you use the deck. Once you’ve made a choice, you can then proceed with the reading.

The Literary Witches oracle is an excellent choice for those interested in witchcraft. Its 70 cards represent women writers who have been a part of the world for thousands of years. This oracle deck is a great tool to use when you’re seeking answers to questions related to your creative life. It also helps you to connect with the magical women of the past. It will be a powerful guide for you on your spiritual path.

The Literary Witches oracle deck is an excellent choice for those who love to read the oracle cards. It is a beautiful, well-illustrated book that contains the icons and symbols of 30 famous female writers throughout literary history. It also includes a comprehensive guidebook that will help you understand the different cards’ meanings. This deck is a great choice for anyone looking for a mystical deck.

Aside from the beautiful illustrations, the Literary Witches oracle is also a great way to connect with the spirits in the world. The oracle cards contain a variety of otherworldly symbols, including a female skeleton and a snake. The book is a lovely gift for any witch, and the guidebook has a few other interesting features as well. The book contains a guidebook that will explain how to read the cards.

This is a beautiful book, with a beautiful ribbon adorning the front and a deck of cards inside. It has a great collection of cards and a guidebook that will help you learn the different meanings of the different symbols. The illustrations are stunning. The literary witches oracle can help you in your creative life. Aside from the beauty of the oracle, it also has a number of practical uses.

Aside from the beautiful artworks and the guidebook, the Literary Witches oracle is also an excellent resource for divination. Whether you want to find your inner witch, seek guidance, or find the magick, you can do so with the help of this book. This elegant deck is both informative and fun. If you’re looking for a literary witch oracle, this is a great option for you.