The Original Glinda the Good Witch

original glinda the good witch

Originally portrayed by actress Kristin Chenoweth in the Broadway musical, Wicked, Glinda is one of the most powerful sorceresses in the Land of Oz. She is also the sister of Evillene, Addaperle, and Evvamean. She is also the most beautiful of the witches, and a mentor to Dorothy Gale.

Glinda has the power to command the spirits of the air and shoot magical energy from her wand. She also is the ruler of Quadling Country, which is south of the Emerald City. Her wand can also defend against opposing Witches. She is also the protector of Princess Ozma. She is also the last Cardinal Witch of Oz. She has a deep hatred for the Wizard, who has outlawed magic.

Glinda is also a friend to Dorothy, who is the most intelligent and mature girl in the Oz world. She helps her to find a way to defeat Mombi, a nefarious witch who wishes to destroy the city of Oz. She also offers Dorothy a place in her sisterhood. She encourages her to look inward for strength. She believes that the mature Dorothy will help to shape Ozma into a responsible queen. Glinda also helps Dorothy to return home. She also gives Dorothy a pair of silver shoes.

Glinda is the oldest of the Witches of Oz, and she is also the most powerful. She is jealous of Elphaba’s magic. She has the ability to command spirits of the air, and she can turn into an eagle for the purpose of chasing Mombi. But she is not powerful enough to defeat Mombi.

Glinda is the most famous of all the Witches of Oz, and she has appeared in many of the film versions of the original books. She was also portrayed by actress Lena Horne in the film version. She has the ability to fly, and she is the first sorceress seen flying by means of a giant bubble. However, Glinda later revealed that her flying bubble was only for show.

Glinda has a friendly and cheerful personality, and she makes people root for her. She is also the only one of the Cardinal Witches who is not corrupted by the Wizard. She also helps Dorothy return home, and she is the only sorceress who has the ability to shoot magical energy from her wand. It is also the only sorceress who is able to help the citizens of Munchkin Land.

Glinda’s magical ability is a bit of a disappointment, however, as she does not have any real match for the evil sorceress, Mombi. She also thinks that the silver shoes are too powerful. However, Glinda does not tell her sister, Zelena, that the second part of the prophecy is about the Wicked Witch of the West. Glinda also does not reveal that she has been a Wizard in the past. However, Glinda does apologise, and she agrees to help Dorothy. In return, she gives her sister the gift of a pendant that can harness her powers.