The Ravens Athame

In the mist of the Roman waves, comes a Witch from afar with no name. She howls at the babies, who are left out in the cold, feeding her wolves, bringing them home.

How mighty a word, how mighty a sword. Athame’s power above all lords. Guide and correct, all that may come, to feed upon your meat, to build up their blood.

Ravens call upon all who can hear. Bringer of wisdom and higher law.

Pulling on your heart. Inspiring your soul. Will you follow the call of the Wolf?

We are the wolves that Hecate fed. Bursting to life, from what was once dead.

Howling at our mothers and fathers upon years. Waking to our powers of night and fear.

Hecate, Hecate… wise one from afar, raise up in me passion and wisdom of heart.

Empower my spirit, strengthen my steps, heal my mind of all I have wept.

Bring to me riches, rightfully gained. Remove obstacles that come in waves.

I am your daughter. You have called upon me.

Rush into my dreams, your mysteries.

Bow unto your greatness, in honor and respect. Never from fear of a gluttonous head.

I am your daughter…

I am your light…

Bring upon me healing as I sleep through the night.

Bring upon me beauty. A power over all men.

Bring upon me love so I can feel the warmth of a gentle hand.

Hear my calls… Hear my songs… Join me in pleasures, all my life long.

So Mote it Be!


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