The Witch that knows and can fix anything.

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Intuitive tarot/oracle reader focusing on what people NEED to focus on in life to better themselves.

In my teenage years I swayed from my path due to family and society as many of us do, did as I was told type of situation.

In my younger years there were things that would happen that I could not explain and no one knew what it was. I can touch people and predict things, was always told I was saying things about people that I didn’t know, but those things came true. This has always made me a reserved person in person until I know you, I don’t wear gloves but I’m very cautious of my space and being touched.
I can sense and predict events before they happen, this has helped me over the years work wise. My husband and sons listen when I say my “gut” is telling me something due to some events, they no longer brush things off to “oh mom”, I give a look and that’s a signal I’m seeing something.
Since the passing of my younger brother to suicide, that’s what sent me back into reconnecting with myself and focusing on removing blockages I had set in place from the past. Many of us do that, not understanding things, or people in our lives judging us. The loss of my brother caused me to recheck myself, get back to things I used to do, turn my back on judgement, other people’s views of me and what I do. My brother was so focused on that it brought him down.
The past 20+ yrs I have been a plumber, commercial/residential new construction and service work. I have had my own plumbing company and been a service manager for a well known company in my area. I have for the most part gone against the grain anyway. I have always pushed for equality and helping bring people up. What I do now now is another way of doing that I feel.
I am a military mom and wife, one son active duty army, one son Virginia national guard, husband retired army.
I’m currently focusing on building and tuning into all of my abilities and strengths. I’m taking some slower then others, mediumship is a slow one for me at the moment due to how ill I get from being drained. So I have stepped back from that at the moment 🙏. I study daily on herbalism(grandma was big in), astrology(my love from childhood),cards (there are many different forms), and just me. The stronger and more knowledgeable I get the more I am able to help others 🙏. Herbalism, natural healing has been a biggie for me personally with my health issues and my family’s, so it’s very important to me. The Tarot is of great importance due to it can help us to see things we may not be paying attention to in our lives blocking us from our greatness.
Long story short ……. My husband and sons call me “The Witch that knows and can fix anything “, I have just embraced it with their support.

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