The Witches of Blackwood – A Review

witches of blackwood

In The Witches of Blackwood, a young woman returns to her hometown after her mother’s death only to discover the town has been overshadowed by a mysterious darkness. Rumors surround the town of a soul-stealing entity and the only way to survive is to engage in a confrontation with a coven of witches. As the town’s legends grow, so do the young woman’s fears.

As the story progresses, we see flashbacks to Luke’s suicide and Claire’s childhood. She learns that the women in the town treated their dolls as living. While this is a very dark premise, it’s still interesting to see the subtextual layers and the statements that the story makes about small towns. Claire’s friends are surprisingly supportive of her decision to confront the witches.

The Witches of Blackwood stars Cassandra Magrath. It is directed by Kate Whitbread, and also features Nicholas Denton and John Voce. Although the film lacks character development, its plot is intriguing. It explores issues of identity, the line between good and evil, and the power of the supernatural. The film will be released on DVD September 7, 2021. If you’re interested in seeing more horror, check out the trailer below.

Despite its lack of jump scares, Witches of Blackwood is a very effective tale of a child who has been stricken by witchcraft. Although the film may not be as exciting as other horror movies, the atmosphere it creates is definitely a satisfying one. The film has many strong moments that are worth watching. Aside from the film’s slow-burning nature, it is also surprisingly dark and disturbing.

The Witches of Blackwood is set in a small town in Maine. Claire Nash is a police officer in a small town that is plagued by the death of her beloved boyfriend, Luke Dawson. In her time away from her job, she struggles to escape her feelings and to cope with her grief. But when her father dies, Claire is summoned home by her Uncle Clifford. The result is a strange town full of men and witches that fear her.