time to love one another

“Maybe it’s time for the fighter to be fought for, for the holder to be held and for the lover to be loved.”

White Wolf

The Universe is evolving, and us Humans, are part of that equation. Look around, who needs to hear your healing words of encouragement, or a pat on the back, how about buying them one of their favorite drinks at a local coffee shop?

positive quotes

How can you as a Healer make positive changes in your life and those in your community?

  1. create positive SELF affirmations on your phone with YOUR own recorded voice. Play them in the background, while doing other things during your day. The brain will accept these positive words, from your own voice faster than if you listened to someone else voice.
  2. tidy up your living space, car and yard area. the physical activity actually removes/clears out negative entities as well as promotes a feeling of completion and confidence that you can control areas of your own life.
  3. hug and or snuggle with a loving human or pet. don’t have someone in your life right now? lightly stroke your own body gently while saying your affirmations. your body will respond with healing energies.
  4. smile often when your out in public. always be asking in each situation, “how can i make the other person feel better” .

What are some other ideas that you can share to help us each make the world a happier place for all?



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By the Powers of The Moon

By the Grace of Hecate

I encourage your happiness

I encourage your peace

So mote it Be!