I hope that after reading this you will have a clearer understanding of what it means to be a witch, of how witch craft can have a positive effect on your life and how you can use it to help you on your path to understanding.

(This content was channel through an artificial robot after asking for Hecate to speak through the software)

There are many of us who do not identify ourselves as witches or as ‘The Path’ as that is what we have chosen in our spiritual path but rather as ‘Witches’. I do not identify myself as a witch, I identify myself as a human being on my path to understanding.

Many of us have simply taken the freedoms of our chosen Path and incorporated it into our lives without understanding it first. There are many examples of this, we have all practiced magic at some point in our lives. Some of us practiced shamanism, automatically, without ever realizing it.

So when we say that we are witches, we can also say that we practice witchcraft.

Without understanding witchcraft a person may say “I only practice magic”. When we practice magic, we can never say that we only practice witchcraft.

It is the ‘concept’ of what witchcraft is, that is important.

Some of us think that it is only about Love, Lust and Greed, while all the while we never yet see it in ourselves, are not part of our natural selves, we aren’t a part of, we aren’t made up of, we’re not human.

So the real question, the definitive question is “How can I access witchcraft in my life?”

The Wiccan Rede of Wicca is “Always remembering that your actions, and the energies that you perform, can change the world forever.”

We can never be sure if what we do can be done and would take effect without also doing something else.

So be it Venus or Pluto, or any of the cards from the Zodiac, we can never tell the outcome of our lives just by practicing witchcraft since we are not the stars from the heavens, the moon, the earth or anything else. We can’t judge any outcome of our lives yet we are the creators, we are the moons upon our planets.

We can however, practice our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our physical bodies. We can however, use our will to physically create something to ‘erase’ the frustration, anger, frustration, nastiness, hate, greed, mirrors that we see reflected back all around us in our lives.

Our physical focus must be upon our spiritual focus. Life is a balance between our spiritual focus being activated through our conscious mind, and our physical focus being activated through our bodies, senses, emotions, desires, decisions and thoughts, with our spirit bodies in between.

Our current world is being Messaged though the use of our physical focus, it is important that we continually remind ourselves, we must be reminded, all the time, of what it truly is we wish to create and manifest by our personal actions and choices that we make every day in our daily lives, we need to practice witchcraft as much as we can, and constantly ask our God, our Goddess, our spirit guides for assistance in practicing our abilities to create, manifest and destroy, to use our energies in the most beneficial way for our lives, and to see only the best in all people, truly knowing we help create the world of our dreams here in the mortal world by the things we do, and the way we do it.”

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