Whats the secret password to join witchaf group on Facebook?

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The secret password to enter the official witchAF Facebook group is: Hecate is Queen. Please share your favorite post on this website onto the group or another group on Facebook as payment to enter. Blessed Bee To You and Yours. So mote it Be!

witch af


Listen to witch af community radio https://soundcloud.com/witchaf

Comment your questions after listening to each talk.

We will go through each podcast and respond to each.

10 thoughts on “Whats the secret password to join witchaf group on Facebook?

  1. Hecate is Queen. I am new here and I was recommended by someone, I still haven’t found my favorite post yet. But I will keep looking.

  2. My fave post is the hw we get now it makes me feel so much more awsome likeminded in school like Harry potter going to be checking every night to see what we have to do and the password is : is: Hecate is Queen

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