Why do Witches Dance Naked?



Blessed are the Witches who walk a path others fear and scold.

Blessed are the Witches who seek truths lost and untold.

Blessed are the Witches, the brave and the bold.

Blessed are the Witches the young and the old.

Witches are the bringers of peace, healing, love and light… dancing up the energies, to make the wrongs go to right…

You were born naked, honest and true.

How to dance a naked Witch dance?

Clinging to your Mother for her life force, suckling Mothers Milk, nourishing your cells for the journey ahead. This powerful and blessed moment, set your path to love at the very moment of your birth. You can remember this feeling of great love and soul satisfying connection to the Love of the Mother again as an adult Witch. Dancing naked holds the secret to accessing this very special bond most infants experience.

Some Witches did not experience this bonding with their Mothers, some of us were adopted to other families or even sadder, our Mothers passed away during childbirth.

Our little bodies, starving for The Deep Connection with Mother, longing for what would never come…crave this awe inspiring and magical moment. We can have this moment with Mother Earth.

Your whole life, you have been waiting for the first moment, your feet, hands and body connected with Mother Earth.

Nourishment of The Divine.

get naked do witchcraft

Your skin has power to manifest your deepest and darkest desires. All skin has receptors that are constantly analyzing your internal and external environment. Like real estate of the living dream scape, your skin takes up space, setting boundaries of all that exists. Where does the Witch begin? Where does the Witch end?

Freedom, exhalation and excitement, entices the sensations, intermingling with your hopes and dreams, creating a powerful force of manifestation.

Dancing naked in the woods, by the sea or in your backyard.

Which areas call to you? Which areas of Mother Earth beg for your sacrifice of pride, fear of being caught, your sacrifice of hiding who you really are?

Emotions of all energies are powerful tools for The Witch.

Dancing naked alone in your bedroom versus dancing naked around a roaring bonfire, on the beach is arguably more powerful. Some would argue that it doesn’t matter where The Witch dances naked, especially if The Witch has been invited by her guides or by Hecate herself to dance naked and alone in his or her room… but with this being said, emotions are the key to creation. The more emotion the better.

What generates more emotion than unclothing your self in front of strangers?

For most of us, especially in western cultures, this would be a highly charged experience, no?

Much like the practice of Earthing, where The Witch simply walks barefoot on Mother Earth, dancing naked is a way to connect your whole body, mind and spirit to all The Earth and Universe.

Experiencing this alone in nature in a safe, protected space is just as powerful as the first moment you connected to The Divine, your Mother at birth.

Trusting a coven of Witches to perform a dance under the Moon amplifies this feeling (in the right situations).

How can you channel these strong feelings and experiences into art, sex, love and magic?



4 thoughts on “Why do Witches Dance Naked?

  1. I did not connect with my mother at birth. I did not suckle her. I know now that is why I have been called by mother earth and will and have danced naked in chants of unknown origin. I am free of torment now. I belong.

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