Why I started witch AF backstory…

Merry Meet to you dear!
So thrilled that you are here. I wanted to share the back story on how witchAF came to be.

I see thousands of comments a day in the group and try very hard to respond to everyone as best as I can. If i missed your awesome post or comment, please tag me at @witchaf sometime so i can see it. I love everyone of you so much.

I was inspired years ago by a spirit to create witch af. At the time, i thought i would sell bumper stickers and give free teachings to all who asked. So far, have not sold one bumper sticker, been kicked off of every sticker site i signed up for… i guess the word WITCH is more powerful and threatening than some of the things those sites are fine with …like bitch and fuck you.  Makes me so angry. I will keep trying to find a 3rd party sticker or t shirt site that will let us share sayings like “Goddess Loves You” or I’m with Hecate. 😉 I would much prefer to share that than something vulgar anytime!

Do you need help right now? Comment on this page and I will respond to every one who needs it: ASK FOR HELP HERE.


We have wonderful people who are moderating in the group. Thank you for your time. We have had some moderators get frustrated that no one wants to pay for energy work or psychic readings. So they gave up and left the group. I understand. But also, I know that this group means so much more than a way to make a living. It is a way to connect with real people/souls who are longing for a real witch community, safe from scammers or the evil christians that harass us in the group sometimes.

witch af

I am looking into ways to help some of our members sell their services and products. I will not give up until i figure it out for us. I want you to have extra money and time. I want you to share your beautiful creations with the world. Help me help you. What ideas do you have to share? Comment below please.

witch af group has grown over the short 6 months of Her existence. She is ever evolving and growing, much like you are i suppose.

I learn something new every hour i spend reading through the comments and posts. I love connecting with other #witches like yourself. Sharing our amazing experiences with each other.

Facebook can make it difficult for admins of a group to get enough views on our posts, which is so frustrating, especially since I have invested money and hours of my time daily to help it grow. I wish i could scoop you all up and have you join a private social network, where you would always see my posts and i would see yours.

maybe one day, Hecate will allow me to do this.

If you have ideas or inspired to help, i would LOVE to hear your ideas in the comments section below. I will respond to all of them. We started a Soundcloud podcast, sharing mentor-ship as well. Did you see that? Have you listened to any of them and commented questions yet?

See, FB hides so much. I do not want to miss out on hearing your amazing gifts and stories, ever!

I would love to have a group of us get on the phone and share ghost stories too! lol seriously… we know that they are real and are actually spirits though… would be so much fun!

I know this post is all over the place, i am trying to do a million things at one time right now. I would love to have some help with the keeping up the website. Can you share poetry, spells, stories and articles you have written about the craft, magic and Hecate? I would be thrilled to add to the official website and give you credit!


114 thoughts on “Why I started witch AF backstory…

          1. I love the group, I wasn’t aware of the podcast but I will be checking that out now that I do!! I don’t see posts as often as I’d like, but I’ll have to check my notification settings because I used to see them more often.

          2. thank you so much… yes, facebook changes things up almost daily. hard to keep up sometimes. i am wanting to talk with more Witches in the group on the podcast. What areas of experience do you have in Witchcraft? Care to share?

          3. Not at all i love love this group❗💯💯 just been busy dealing with my 11yr old seeing thing’s and hearing things and trying to teach her that its OK to not be scared of what she see that no others see and to teach her that’s its OK to talk to me I’ll understand her and will help her as much as I can.. ( she sees shadows and no one see and feel things that no one feels but there’s a particular Shadows scares her at night )

          4. i am so happy to hear your ok… yes, we all can attest to the challenges of being a young Witch… at least She has you to guide her in real life. have you looked into art therapy to help her put into words, what most adults cant?

          1. happy to hear your doing well! yes, you must not be following the group.. we are seeing about 100k comments and posts a week. 🙂 hugz!

      1. Hi I’m sorry I love this group but I’ve had a lot happen this year mostly bad and I’m just doing my best to deal right now . I lost my mom in March and I’m trying to figure out how to heal.

      2. I am with my child at the endocrinologist right now, could use some uplifting prayers, advice, anything. I’m feeling very nervous. We do not like being here.

        1. Sending you some calm resolve… Healing Energies are very helpful. What can you do to center yourself, so your child will feel it and calm down as well? How did it go?

    1. You didn’t upset, my mind has been on work. I am training for a position that I didn’t ask for.
      I am sorry for my lack of participation

    2. I love witchaf. I’ve just recently discovered I am a witch and I practically hang on every word, post you put up. I don’t know if I have anything to contribute.

      1. so happy to hear. make sure your friends follows the instructions and uses the secret password. we are started to decline all who do not use it. how are you right now? need anything?

    3. I’m here sisters. Merry meet. I’m new to this lovely page and I’m looking forward to explore this part of my life with y’all.

      1. Hello there dear! so happy to hear your still around and kickin’

        Drop a post in the group…let us know if we can send some good energies your way.. you are missed.

    4. I’m sorry that I have not been on a lot. I helping my mom out with my stepdad who hase stage four Parkinson and she cant do a lot of heavy lifting because she us not in realy good health her self…Blessed bento all

      1. You are in our thoughts… how can we support your health as well? have you listened to any of the free talks on this subject by Susun Weed on Blog Talk Radio yet? curious?

    5. I need help i feel blocked in all forms psychically ambition life sex drive no emotion pleSe help me unblock my subconscious.

      Blessed be

    6. I’m just very glad you created this site and page, it’s help a lot of ppl including myself as I’m still a baby witch I learned to stop hiding and take those steps into fully learning!

      1. So very happy to know you are growing and Evolving… warms my heart. Make sure to follow this blog or subscribe to it for all Witch Class work… all freely donated.

  1. Sweet beautiful souls of Witch AF neither Sandy or any of the moderators have done anything to upset me or hurt my feelings. I have not been on the page or posting due to some very serious health problems. At this point I am just trying to stay out of the hospital. Your healing thoughts and good intentions are very needed at this time. Thank you

    1. You did nothing. I have been working on my property and garden and have not been online to often.
      Thank you so much for everything

    2. I did leave the FB group but not because of anything you and moderators did wrong, you’re all great! I left the FB group because of the challenges of Facebook that you’ve mentioned!
      I am really busy and in honesty I have left several witch groups on FB because the “what do you see when you look at me” selfies threads and “Does anyone else feel weird” and the repetition of posted memes etc (across witch groups) was clogging up my feed. I really want to learn more and connect with other witches meaningfully and it feels like FB doesn’t support that too well plus wading through dross to get to the great content was too much for me and I was just scrolling scrolling scrolling and spending more time looking for content than reading and engaging with it! But again that’s FB and seems a common issue for most FB groups. Instead I follow your blog and I love it. Thank you for caring enough about offering a great space to reach out and ask for feedback, you’re awesome!

      1. YES! this is why i am trying to have more people communicate on the witchaf blog instead… FB is driving me up the wall! So bored with all of the BS too.
        Would love to have you call in some night to discuss real Witchcraft anytime!

  2. I just wrote out a long heartfelt response and it disappeared when I tried to check a notification.

    I love witchaf! I’m sort of a newbie so I like to observe and apply more behind the scenes, but I didn’t realize my participation was so minimal.

    I look forward to the witchaf posts, finding new ideas and connecting with you other wonderful witches, and feel like I like and comment on many posts within the group. So.. If I’m missing something, please feel free to let me know. Thanks so much

      1. Apologies for my absence, I’m going thru alot and am not bringing negative near. Until I get full control of these emotions in this situation.. blessed be..

  3. Sorry for not contacting you. My Mother has Alzheimer’s and my health issue have completed thing’s. On top of all that. We are moving to a new town. I am reading post on Facebook when I can. Many Blessings, Hug’s Love Light Blessings sent. Thank You for emailing me.

    1. This is probably my favorite group. I love witchaf. School started back and I am teaching again now so I am not on as much as I would love to.

  4. It’s been a year…I’ve been so busy.. but I’ve finally moved to my new home and new job and I feel so much better.

  5. Thank you for reaching out with email..I love witch af. I’ve been so very busy launching my new website and YouTube page I’ve not had a chance to pop in. I’ll try to pop in soon. Peace love and light beloved.

  6. Aw sweetie! I LOVE witchAF! I read so many posts and enjoy all of the different material posted there. Life has gotten in my way recently with changes being forced upon me, and it’s my own fault for not making the changes on my own sooner. Blessed be my lovely witchy soul sister! I’m here, always watching 😉💜💙

    1. Danielle thank you so much! I feel your pain.. i am in the middle of same kind of energies. Working over time to make up for lost time. I let the experience of depression guide me to be lazy and apathetic… now have a new found energy. Riding the wave… hoping it lasts. lol hugz!

  7. Im so sorry dear I was just diagnosed with cervical uterus and ovarian cancer and my life is flipped upside down I appreciate you checking in on us that means the world to us

        1. i totally understand. so happy you are ok. would love to catch up sometime. I am in the middle of settling in too after my 3rd move this year. lol

        2. Hi Sandy,
          I’m stilll here, i have deactivated my FB account for awhile, i still visit the website. I’m still a loyal sister. Hope to be back on FB soon !


    1. I Love WitchAF! ❤ and I may know someone who can help you with making and stickers, cups, shirts, and other things if you would like 😉.

        ty so much. PM me in the group will ya? i don’t want to miss your email, i get thousands a day. trying to respond to everyone right now.

  8. Thank you for reaching out via email. You absolutely have done nothing wrong, nor has anyone else. It’s just that I haven’t been very good. I’m in a private, emotional crisis which has lasted several weeks, and will probably last a few weeks more. It’s been an awful struggle, but I’m trudging through. Thank you so much for inquiring about those of us who have been silent. I’m my life, being silent is definitely a sign something is wrong! So thank you!!

    1. you are in our thoughts and energy work nightly… please, do me a favor, post in the group that you need our energies… let your family help you. Do not suffer alone. We are here for you dear!

  9. I’ve just been busy with my daughter going into surgery tomorrow and I have fibromyalgia so trying to find some time for myself and creating my soaps, lotions, and bathbombs can be pretty rough. Hoping this all calms down very soon. Being in Denver is a good thing though because it allows me to pick up some things I need instead of waiting for shipping. Unfortunately for most of my things I’ll have to wait but I can start on a couple of things with what I pick up.

    1. oh i know about fibro… have you listened to any of Susun Weed Talks on blog talk radio yet? you can call in and speak directly to her for help. She is amazing.
      I would love to help you sell your products. Can you email me some photos, descriptions and prices? oh and how we can support you and buy some?

  10. I have been so busy with moving and the energies have been all over the place that I needed to take a moment away to get myself grounded. I love this group and look forward to the posts and the podcasts as they lighten my heart right now when the world is such a heavy place.

    1. oh i hear ya! totally understand. i am taking a break from social too….need to ground and recharge. just wanted to make sure you are ok. Much love honey!

  11. I’m so thankful for this group!! I love it🖤 haven’t been on as much as I want due to work, daughter started the cheer season and first day of school was August 31st. Getting our routine down. I will be online more once we get our groove going. Blessed be 🖤

  12. Thank you for reaching out! I’ve been working for a promotion so been a little busy but doing good💜 you haven’t done anything wrong toward me and I love #WitchAF 😍 Just life getting in the way lol! Hope you’re well💜🌙💜Blessed be 💜

  13. Thank you for reaching out! I’ve been as little preoccupied but I’m still here!! Blessed be!! Have a great week!

  14. I recieved your email and I’m always posting in the group on Facebook, I just noticed that I’m a raising star yesterday. I love everything you’re doing for all of us witches, and anything I can do to help you please don’t hesitate to ask! Blessed be!!

    1. yes your awesome! i saw that you did not open any of the emails and was a little worried. so happy to hear your having fun. Have you learned anything helpful? what can be done to make it more fun and knowledgeable for you?

  15. You have done nothings wrong. I’ve been going thru some medical things. Please don’t think you did anything wrong.

  16. This has been such a complicated year . I pray to the goddess we all have a wonderful autumn equinox it’s my most favorite

      1. Yes I’m ok just very stressed lately and having very bad financial issues while trying to care for my 2 daughters but everything will be ok just trying to figure everything out mentally

        1. i am sending you some calm and clarity right now… please make some time tonight, in anyway, to allow the Full Moons light to shine on your skin…even if for a second…
          Peace to you my dear!
          Be safe…
          If you cannot do this… visualize Her tonight while you rest.

  17. Hello, ive just been extremely busy with my full time job and business and I’ve been a tad out of it mentally I may have an attachment so I’ve been drained lately I’m an empath so I have to eventually get rid of the attachment I hope. I’ll try and be more active when I can

    1. i totally understand that. we all need to tune out in nature at least once a week. are you getting enough fresh energies from Mother Earth each week?

  18. I love all of my twitchy groups. No you haven’t offended me. Not at all. Let’s not limit ourselves with that kind of negative thoughts. Please? We are witches. We have no limits. As long as we don’t limit ourselves.

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