Merry Meet to you dear!
So thrilled that you are here. I wanted to share the back story on how witchAF came to be.

I see thousands of comments a day in the group and try very hard to respond to everyone as best as I can. If i missed your awesome post or comment, please tag me at @witchaf sometime so i can see it. I love everyone of you so much.

I was inspired years ago by a spirit to create witch af. At the time, i thought i would sell bumper stickers and give free teachings to all who asked. So far, have not sold one bumper sticker, been kicked off of every sticker site i signed up for… i guess the word WITCH is more powerful and threatening than some of the things those sites are fine with …like bitch and fuck you.  Makes me so angry. I will keep trying to find a 3rd party sticker or t shirt site that will let us share sayings like “Goddess Loves You” or I’m with Hecate. 😉 I would much prefer to share that than something vulgar anytime!

Do you need help right now? Comment on this page and I will respond to every one who needs it: ASK FOR HELP HERE.

We have wonderful people who are moderating in the group. Thank you for your time. We have had some moderators get frustrated that no one wants to pay for energy work or psychic readings. So they gave up and left the group. I understand. But also, I know that this group means so much more than a way to make a living. It is a way to connect with real people/souls who are longing for a real witch community, safe from scammers or the evil christians that harass us in the group sometimes.

witch af

I am looking into ways to help some of our members sell their services and products. I will not give up until i figure it out for us. I want you to have extra money and time. I want you to share your beautiful creations with the world. Help me help you. What ideas do you have to share? Comment below please.

witch af group has grown over the short 6 months of Her existence. She is ever evolving and growing, much like you are i suppose.

I learn something new every hour i spend reading through the comments and posts. I love connecting with other #witches like yourself. Sharing our amazing experiences with each other.

Facebook can make it difficult for admins of a group to get enough views on our posts, which is so frustrating, especially since I have invested money and hours of my time daily to help it grow. I wish i could scoop you all up and have you join a private social network, where you would always see my posts and i would see yours.

maybe one day, Hecate will allow me to do this.

If you have ideas or inspired to help, i would LOVE to hear your ideas in the comments section below. I will respond to all of them. We started a Soundcloud podcast, sharing mentor-ship as well. Did you see that? Have you listened to any of them and commented questions yet?

See, FB hides so much. I do not want to miss out on hearing your amazing gifts and stories, ever!

I would love to have a group of us get on the phone and share ghost stories too! lol seriously… we know that they are real and are actually spirits though… would be so much fun!

I know this post is all over the place, i am trying to do a million things at one time right now. I would love to have some help with the keeping up the website. Can you share poetry, spells, stories and articles you have written about the craft, magic and Hecate? I would be thrilled to add to the official website and give you credit!