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Respond to comments on posts within the official group and page in a loving, helpful and healing way? 🥰
Respond by tagging @witchaf to any posts or comments that are pushing hate, essential oils, christianity or other patriarchal religions or their products/services? 🤫

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We would be honored to have you….

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12 thoughts on “Witch af official moderators

  1. All new moderators must comment about who they are and their goals in joining as an official moderator.

    Tell us a little bit about your experiences as a Witch.

    1. Hi, I am eclectic witch (mainly candle magick) practicing approximately 15 years maybe more as I did not realize what I had been doing was the craft. Been exploring and experiencing the occult for over 40 years beginning with Astrology which I still love to this day. Originally from Philadelphia PA, I now call Reno home as of last year. It has been a wonderful journey and enjoying the ride.

    2. Hello everyone my name is Amanda an I am new on my journey I’ve been awoke for almost a year now I’m still learning.

  2. Hi all! I’m a green ish witch from Hawaii, practicing for about 20 years. I love to connect, help, inspire and be inspired. Recently began a chaos magickal journey, looking forward to learning more.

  3. I am a caulbearer and pretty sure I have always been a witch. I think I could feel and do things until I repressed it. I have been told by a psychic healer that I am gifted. I can’t see things but I feel and know them. I have never practiced witchcraft. I am drawn to it. I like the female divine. I feel part of it somehow.

  4. I just seen this I’ve been on here for some time and I read a lot I don’t comment n e but I introduced myself in the spirit reading maybe the spirits will have something today for me I need them

      1. That was strong! I have been fighting so much through life recently that I have really lost myself I’m unsure of myself n e more and I need healing for a sickness to pass and get through if anyone can help me with maybe help on what to do for that and a good cleanser to get the negativity from me would be amazing thank you for being so inspiring and taking ur time to give the group so much great vibes and attention it’s very much appreciated!

  5. Yes…. focus on 1 small thing that is pretty, calming, loving, beautiful, magical… something special.

    Do this at least once an hour.
    Report back in a week.

    1. Someone came in my life within this week and has made me laugh more then ever In years and smile and feel life again it was very crazy my focus was to be all the things this person brought in my life I didn’t realize how much they were the focus I needed till I was searching for it and it was there the whole time now ! Meeting them has turned me to things I needed in life at this moment in my life . I ask maybe if you could ask the spirits about December 8th and I need some advice if I could talk in a private dm or something!

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