Witch books for Witchy Grow ups

Witchy Books

Spirits will guide you, when the time is right, to a book you need to connect with. Books, whether are in paperback, hardcover, torn or worn edges or in audio format, have great power.

I know that a book has a powerful message for me, when i have at least 3 different people, Spirits or “coincidences” that highlight the book as something that should be a part of my life.

Truth be told, the book need not be a Witch related book at all. Most Witches can even get a message from their Spirit guides from the bible of all places. lol.

Give it a try yourself…. How to build your connections to Spirit throughout books.

  1. Be in that state, you know, where you are mellow and / or meditative and ready. Drumming, dancing, silence, walking or cooking always help me to get there. Most of time, I can get to that magical space in the blink of an eye now.
  2. Ask yourself and your guides the question, then feel when it is the right time to get the answer. This takes practice and time, but your feelings will guide you in this.
  3. Then tell yourself and your Guides, that you are going to pick up the first book you see, and turn to any page you feel called to do so, and read the passage.
  4. You will ALWAYS get your answer.

Try it out now and comment on the page below your experience. Have a Witchy tip to help others in our community, share it! 🙂

Blessing Bee To You My Dears!


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2 thoughts on “Witch books for Witchy Grow ups

  1. Todays message from my Spirit Guides are:
    “I cannot lie.”

    I take this as a sign to not hide from my emotions and traumas…but to process them, now that I am finally in a safe location.

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