witch books

Whether you are looking for a good YA witch book or a book to get you started learning about witchcraft, there are many witch books out there. These books can give you information about witches and witchcraft from around the world, or they can provide you with some spells and recipes that you can use to try your hand at practicing magic. Witch books come in a variety of different genres, from silly picture books to dark fantasy YA witch books. Some of these books even focus on real-life witch trials and witches from history.

The Moonapple Menagerie by Shveta Thakrar follows a coven of witches preparing for a magical play. The book is a perfect read for witchy readers of all ages.

Who’s In Your Book: A Spellbook is an interactive picture book for kids ages six and up. It uses the finger as a wand and includes interactive fun. The book also includes facts about witches from all over the world, as well as information about crystals and symbols. The book is also useful for beginners to learn about the lives of modern witches.

Sideways Pike: This YA witch book is about an outsider girl named Sideways Pike who always seems to be on the outside. She becomes friends with the popular girls at school and forms a coven. The book is snarky and fun. One of the witchy blasts of the book is when Sideways is invited to cast magic by another witch. The girls zoom past skeletons and ghosts.

The Hacienda: This book is about a baby switch and evil nuns. It is a great combination of horror and romance. It is one of the best paranormal books of all time.

The Color of Fear: This book is about political corruption and relationships. It also features an angel and a demon working together to defeat a prophetic witch. It also explores a variety of themes, including gender and relationships. The book is a classic and it is a must read for paranormal lovers.

The Witches: This book is one of the most grotesque witch books for elementary school children. It features a young witch who accidentally brings back her dead brother. It is a fun book, and the message is fun as well. There are many books about witches, but this book is among the best.

The Mercies: This historical fiction witch book takes place in 1617 in Finnmark, Norway. The story takes place in a small town. The characters are all different, and the story has themes of growing up, self-discovery, and romance.

The Bone Witch: This book is a dark fantasy YA witch book. It is based on the story of Macbeth, a Scottish play. It is a classic and it is a timeless story. It is one of the best YA witch books on the market.

The Change: This book is about three friends who have supernatural powers. It has middle-aged and older protagonists and open discussions about gender, menopause, and periods. It also features three witches: Nessa, Diana Clairmont, and Sybille. Each one has a different role in this book, and they have a variety of supernatural powers.