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Witch Chest – 3 Benefits of a Witch Chest

If you are planning a ritual, then you should visit a witch supply store in Ottawa like Witch Chest. They carry top quality witchy products. Here you will find many different ritual supplies. So, what should you look for in a witch chest? Let’s take a look. Listed below are some of the benefits of a witch chest. The first is its versatility. You can use it to store ritual items such as spell books and spell candles.

The second benefit of a witch chest is its size. It should be larger than a human heart because the witch’s bile sac would consume the space of the left lung. This would require a witch’s left lung to be about half the size of a human left lung. This would make her chest appear disproportionately large. Therefore, she must have a chest about the size of a normal person. This type of chest will definitely be useful when you need to take a spell on a whim.

The third advantage of a witch chest is its location. This treasure chest is located near a coffin that is on the left side of a hidden room. You’ll be able to see the chest and its contents from a distance, and you can activate it by pressing Square. After activating it, you should jump across a gap and open the chest on the right side. It’s possible to reach the Witch’s house and revive Mimir there.