31 Days of Halloween Video Series

witch daily 31 days of halloween

The WitchDaily Halloween Countdown offers subscribers a video per day from October 1 through October 31. Each video is from 5-7 minutes long and covers into some spooky, fun, or magical topic. One day might be circle casting, and the next is “Marianne’s To-Die-For Pumpkin Soup”. The goal is to spread magic around the globe, by demystifying the practice of magic and helping make the world a magical place once more.


WitchDaily.com, a new online resource of media made for witches, by witches, is officially launching its site and offerings with free witchy lessons to get witches, non-witches, and the magically inclined ready for Halloween!

Founders, Marianne van der Hove and Laura Voglesong have worked in entertainment and media a combined forty years, and want to bring their expertise to the world of witches and promoting women’s (and men’s) empowerment through magical practice. The site hosts a blog, and will offer free content including: magic lessons, crafts, reviews, holiday information, and interviews with authors and magical practitioners. In addition there will be  membership options for premium content including more advanced lessons, and valuable individual and group/coven support.

Witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism are some of the fastest growing interests in the world. There are few legitimate sources for information out there. WitchDaily aims to help develop the magical community in a way that no one else has. Offering coven support, help with magical traditions, moon rituals, and bi-monthly meetings to help people in their practice.

Magic Media, the parent company of Witchdaily.com intends to produce witchy content from creators around the globe, promoting a magical way of life to the anyone who is interested. The first set of paid lessons on Magic, History, Spellcraft, and the Principles and Foundations of Magic, will launch mid-October. Free content and new lessons will launch weekly.


Marianne van der Hove or Laura Voglesong


Facebook: facebook.com/witchdaily


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