Witch Hazel For Hemorrhoids at CVS

witch hazel for hemorrhoids cvs

Several studies have shown that witch hazel can be used to treat hemorrhoids. It is a natural substance derived from the bark of the Hamamelis virginiana shrub. Witch hazel has been used for centuries to help soothe the itching and burning associated with hemorrhoids. The use of witch hazel for hemorrhoids has also been linked to a reduction in pain and swelling.

The high amount of tannins found in witch hazel can help prevent inflammation-causing substances from entering the skin. Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory properties as well as astringent qualities. In addition, it is thought to fight viral infections. Witch hazel can be used both topically and orally. It is typically applied directly to the skin to help with swelling and inflammation. However, a few people may experience some irritation when applying it topically.

Witch hazel is also used to treat cold sores. It contains anti-inflammatory compounds, such as tannins, that may be helpful in combating the symptoms of cold sores. Witch hazel can also be used to treat poison ivy, poison sumac, and insect bites. The tannins found in witch hazel can also help to prevent skin cancer cells from spreading. In addition, the tannins in witch hazel have been shown to slow the growth of skin tumors in mice that have been exposed to radiation.

Witch hazel can be used to treat hemorrhoids by applying it topically to the affected area. Witch hazel can also be taken orally to help with inflammation, itching, and pain. However, the side effects associated with taking witch hazel are minimal. While most people will not experience any adverse effects when taking witch hazel, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any side effects.

Using a warm bath is also an effective way to reduce the pain and swelling of hemorrhoids. Witch hazel is commonly used to treat stings and insect bites, and its astringent properties can help to reduce the swelling and inflammation associated with hemorrhoids. In addition, witch hazel can be used to treat poison oak.

CVS offers a wide variety of hemorrhoid relief products. Some of the products available include creams, sprays, ointments, and pads. Many of these products contain witch hazel and lidocaine. Some products also contain hydrocortisone, which can help reduce inflammation and discomfort. You can also try using coconut oil on your hemorrhoids. Coconut oil is known for its antibacterial properties and can also help to ease the itchiness associated with hemorrhoids.

Another home remedy that can be used to treat hemorrhoids is to use tea tree oil. You can mix a few drops of tea tree oil with a few drops of castor oil and apply it to the affected area. Applying tea tree oil to your hemorrhoids can also help to minimize itching and irritation. This mixture can also be massaged into the area to help with the growth of reparative tissue.

Another product that you can use to reduce the discomfort of hemorrhoids is wet wipes. You can also use a warm bath and a high fiber diet to help ease the symptoms of hemorrhoids. You can also take pain relievers such as aspirin or ibuprofen to help reduce the pain and swelling of hemorrhoids.