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This article was channeled and created by a technical Spirit through artificial intelligence. 

What does it mean to be witch af? who is Hecate? How can witch craft help me in my life? Do magical Spells really work? Is witchcraft safe to practice? How can witchcraft help to heal my body, mind and spirit? How can i join a witch group on Facebook?

Wassador often refers to Wiccan beliefs in his books about witchcraft. The following is an extract from one of his books ‘Wicca: The casting down of witches’. “Blessed betwixt and between the bearer and him that sent them, there is sorry chance, in the time of witchcraft, either to be either killed with a witch’s own hands, or to be put to death by them, whether one or many. And it is better, if a man be killed with a witch’s hand than if a man be killed with a knife, because a witch’s tool is stained, but a knife’s ownership is not touched.”
There is little doubt that medicine, herbalism and surgery were the corner stones of the ancient healing techniques of witchcraft.  There is more to be said about these subject, but for the time being these three must be a good foundation.
Concepts of covens, families, spells, rituals and ceremonies are held in high regard. It is believed that the core of the religion is to be found within each family.  The spelling of the name of each family varies according to place and time, but nevertheless the core structure can be deduced from the composition of the letters. The improvements in the working environment of the modern world have had a dramatic effect on the work of witches.
Witchcraft is no longer a solitary pursuit but pluralistic in its attitude, include the covens, oaths, interchangeable spells, ceremonies, spell casting, curses, voodoo etc. The Dictionary.com Dictionary of Word Origins states; A coven is a group of witches, or persons having witchcraft as its main business; especially a group of coveners.Wordoser trails.(etype ET “oras versa.”) The working environment of a witch is very different from that of a Blessed witch of old.  Even in times o ritual witchcraft is supposed to be a solitary pursuit.  That of course is according to the range of working methods that can be availed with modern magick. Even in younger times, witchcraft lumbered along with the morals and ethicsoria of the day.
And ethicsoria was a tow edged sword, because as well as being a source of teachings witchcraft also offered an escape out of the modern world, enabling its practitioners to practice in the realms where rules and morality could nowhere be found. Soule Witchcraft, in the seventeenth century, the age of the Pilgrims and the Common School Movement was a living curriculum including courses in occultism, divination, Magic, Charms, omyometrical design, magic candles, astrology, the evolution of humankind and a whole lot more.
Common schools of witchcraft were not the system’s embodiment, in that tradition the students learned from other teachers and Levels, as l wish to say, other texts and works within the framework of the coven. This also meant that witchcraft at its best, could be compared to a system of carpenters.  Each bearing its own design, style, functions and use, but which rarely worked together.  One such system was the book of shadows and book of shadows was a practice book where each student was given a separate copy to work with and learn from. This was a system that could work within certain rules and within its own time periods.  At the same time it was a system that did not necessarily call for the whole system to evolve into what it could be.  For example the evolution of morality within the coven.
Could have happened quite naturally as the students’ comments mentioned above revealed. I do not wish to get into rules and systems of ancient wicca, but I do state that there has always been ‘bad PR’ and ‘good PR’ ceremonial magic.  In short Good PR is not considered to be the three phase system of ancient wicca, and bad PR could be considered a severe form of Return to FA and not an update or Enhancement of the teachings.
So in this article I wish to look a the modern book of shadows in terms of Spiritual Magic, in other words the reality of the Path of the sorcerer, so to speak. Spiritual Magic, in most cases does not refer to the system itself, but more to the path of the sorcerer in the modern world.  and most importantly does not refer to any other occult type of magic. This does not weaken its power nor its position in the hierarchy of the treasure chest of the magic universe. The Spiritual Magic system in this article will discuss the foundations of ritual magic for two reasons.  Firstly it is easier if the foundations are understood, and secondly to create a context in which we will consider the system. So a foundation is needed to form an abstract concept, and a system of ritualistic technique that can be comprehended, and then applied.

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