Witches Have Always Known This About Our Eyes

eyes changing color in witches

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You know you have seen it. Others have commented on it. Your eyes are changing colors, your not imagining it.

If you are a witch, you are already aware, that are there are sensitive parts of their body that can share the darkest secrets in a blink of an eye. We keep our feelers out, always sensing in the physical and other world realities, what energies are involved with any challenge we face.

witches eye colors change

Like tuning forks, that seek out the truth in each situation we encounter, we crave understanding on every thing in our lives. Our feelings guide us, right or wrong in every decision we make. We witches are sensitive creatures who honor the uniqueness in our selves and others. Oddities are cherished and encouraged. Being sensitive is a useful ally in witchcraft and spirit work.

“I honor my emotions with action. Even if I made a “wrong” decision, I know that I made the Right decision in the long run. My body never lies to me.” Eclectic Witch Sandy

Healers eyes are linked to other worlds and much like mood rings, changing color, some slightly others with shocking differences from minute to minute. Anger, joy, depression can slightly change how our eyes bring in or hide the light around us.

Candles can be used to focus softly on our intentions to seek guidance from other worlds. The light that touches our eyes enact chemicals through out our bodies that open us up to visions.

Migraines give us a warning with bright lights and different colors or auras that come into our vision of sight. Some people report that their eyes light up with white specks during a migraine.

Migraines were used in previous times to enter altered states of being. Seeking visions for healing of the community and family. Those who asked for the Seers help and advice, could see a change in the witches eyes as she entered into the realm of light. All visions and messages shared could be honored that they were indeed from the land beyond by noticing the colors changing in the Seers eyes.

Tribes in Africa who still use this form of communication with spirit helpers.

Not all witches have to endure migraines in order to reach these states. They can and often do, slip in and out of this realm automatically as they are connected to their emotions inside there bodies. They share insight and messages in an instant, without thinking, but feeling. Their eyes “see” into other dimensions and bring back the stories they have seen to those who need them for healing and understanding.

The mood and energy of the space around them changes as well. All who listen to the vision being shared can feel a change in their bodies as well. Our bodies are wired together like circuits of a computer. All parts are connected and impact each.

These altered states of being affect the nervous system and blood vessels in our eyes…opening and closing, bringing in or refracting the physical light in the room, playing off of the colors of their surroundings, as all is connected.

Some creative healers choose to play up their witchy vibes with various eye liners of black. blue, green, purple, white, glitter and pink.

Different makeup colors around the eyes can enhance or hide this feature if you so choose.

Some of us, have a special power that has evolved over the tens of thousands of years on earth. Our eye color changes with our mood, our current state of health and especially with age. Blue eyes absorb my of the Sun energy where as dark hues shade the harsh rays in hotter climates.

witchy eyes

Think you can’t change the color of your eyes? Mooh hoo hahahahhaaaa… you just manifested your future… The Goddess will hear your cries and grant you this in your life. So Mote it Bee!

How can I change the color of my eyes like a witch?

  1. Eat slow cooked carrots every day. Must cook for at least 2 hours whole. A crock pot would be a good place to do this.
  2. Meditate on the 3rd eye Chakras.
  3. Draw and create art, music and poetry for your eyes.
  4. Let go, forget about this… then comment the day someone mentions, “hey, your eyes look different today!”

Research is showing that eye colors do in fact change with mood.

“The pupil can change size with certain emotions, thus changing the iris color dispersion and the eye color. You’ve probably heard people say your eyes change color when you’re angry, and that probably is true. Your eyes can also change color with age. They usually darken somewhat.” 


Image credit
Photo by Kelvin Valerio from Pexels
Photo by Cxpturing Souls from Pexels
Photo by Alex Perez on Unsplash


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What do you think is the magical purpose of this evolutionary process? Please share your insights below.

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A big thank you to all of the Beautiful Witches who shared there Witchy Eyes
in our WitchAF group on Facebook!

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  1. I have a hexagram in my left eye n i can open my eye chakras make them spin n change my eye color ill c if i can post the video

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