Witches Needed to Heal California Wildfires

Help create a Spell and a Magical Song to sing and chant with thousands of Witches from around the World.

We call on the great Hecate, Dark Mother of all there is, in this Universe and beyond. Please bring clarity and healing understanding around the fires that are engulfing the state of California and the western United States. We ask for Gentle Rains. We ask for right action. We ask for healing Witches as well as those of other belief systems to bring respect for the Earth and proper actions to maintain a healthy environment for all creatures.

So Mote It Be!!!!!


Last year, we Witches worked on a Spell and came up with a healing chant to help heal the lands of Australia and their many fires. Facebook video was watched over a thousand times…chanting along with our voices. View FB video here: https://www.facebook.com/102470804526055/videos/608231339932515

This year, we are doing the same for the fires of California and the Western United States.

Please help by sharing a poem, chant and photos or videos in the comment section below. Make sure to NOT steal others images, but either use your own videos, images or use a free or paid stock photo or video site.

We will combine them to make a video to share with our community. The goal is to come up with a chant that has power and is easy to hum or sing…to help the Witch get into her magical space to bring healing energies.

Whether this is a fire from climate change, arsonists or part of the natural rhythm of the area, balance needs to be restored. This could be more legislation, better fire management and/or cooling the areas with more plants/trees and organic farming…we ask for Hecate to hear our cries for help and plead to her for healing and understanding around these traumatic events. She always has a reason and always has a plan for the future. Something very sad and horrible can help bring a brighter and happier future. We are asking right now, for gentle rains and understanding as to why the Earth is reacting in this way and what we need to do better to respect Her.

Blessed Bee To You!


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