witches tarot deck

The Witches Tarot is a beautifully designed tarot deck featuring Pagan symbols superimposed on the familiar tarot card layout. The cards are large and fan out gracefully across the tabletop. The cards are easy to read and use with little effort. Published by Llewellyn, this deck combines the traditional tarot design with contemporary digital art. It is a great deck for beginners and experienced readers alike.

The Witches Tarot has many meanings and symbols. It is not exclusively for witches, and can be used by any pagan. The deck is available in many styles, including the Rider-Waite tarot, and is suitable for all levels of experience. Its symbols are both mystical and earth-based. A reader can choose to read the cards individually or create a spread.

The Witches Tarot’s cardbacks feature a galactic feel. There is a bluish edge and the triple goddess symbol. The Witches Tarot is an excellent deck for anyone who likes the dark side of the feminine. Those who are interested in tarot for women can get a copy of this deck for themselves. You’ll find it very easy to read and use.

The Book of Shadows includes a variety of tips for working with the Tarot. It also includes helpful divination tips and magical working, along with eleven new spells. The book also contains several useful appendices. The symbol dictionary is a great addition to any deck, as it lists every single card’s meaning. It also provides inspiration for studying the cards in groups. The Witches Tarot is also a wonderful way to find answers to your personal and spiritual needs.

The Witches Tarot is a unique deck that can help you work with your own magic. The deck is not only designed by a witch, but it also comes with an accompanying book. Both the books provide a solid foundation for beginners to work with the cards. There are two distinct interpretations of the Witches Tarot. You can also consult the book of Shadows, which provides insights about the nature of your psychic powers.

The Pentacles suit is traditionally associated with gold and silver. This means the cards in the Pentacles suit are more material than mythical in nature. In addition to the Minor Arcana, the Witches Tarot deck also contains several other minor figures related to water. A brief description of each card is provided along with its interpretation. In addition, there are several examples of card spreads and prints that accompany the deck.

The background of the Witches Tarot is often made up of mountains and barren fields. These landscapes are representative of the element of Air and are also reminiscent of the symbolism of Alchemy. One of the biggest deviations from the RWS tradition is the 5 of Swords. Instead of depicting five swords swung in the air, it depicts a dragonfly or fairies flitting through the background.

Another difference between the three types of the cards is their symbolism. In the original decks, the Court cards were the Courts, which included the King, Queen, and Valet. Modern playing cards, on the other hand, feature thirteen court cards. The magick circle is a sacred place of worship and contains powerful forces. The initiates of a coven pass through darkness and emerge into light. They seek the guidance and protection they need to transform their lives.

Other traditional symbols in the Witches Tarot deck include the High Priest, the Wheel of Fortune, the Devil, and the Pentacle. Some decks also feature people of color, while others are strictly traditional. However, some of the images are particularly symbolic and may require interpretation and use. So, the most important aspect of the Witches Tarot is its esoteric meaning. It is not a deck for the casual tarot reader.