“I want a pen pal but with weird packages. Like hi I saw this rock, a nickel, this candy and oh have some small art I made for you. Like ipsy but more fae like…” Suuz TeaKru 

Sounds like a lot of fun to do a Witchy vibe pen pal thing… but HOLD the BUS!

how would this work? would you really give your actual home address to a lot of total strangers?

How could this work Witch fam?

What ideas can you share that will make this a safe thing to do?

I mean really, giving your mailing address to a bunch of total strangers? I mean, if it was a PO Box, maybe, but your actual house, apartment, trailer or home?

What if it was sent to The Official Witch AF PO Box, we would verify it was safe and then mail out to you? That could get expensive for us though, the postage alone would be challenging. Lets think something up though…like a Witch Subscription Box?

Please do help us figure this one out… how can we do something like this, that is totally fun, but safe?